Our goal is to create and share beneficial knowledge for lasting societal impact.


Our vision

To be internationally recognised as an innovative leader in contemporary education.

Our aspiration is to garner international acclaim as a trailblazing pioneer in modern education, renowned for our innovative approaches and cutting-edge practices. We are committed to nurturing graduates who not only possess a comprehensive skill set but also exhibit remarkable adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit, rendering them well-prepared to seamlessly integrate into the workforce. By consistently pushing the boundaries of education and equipping our students with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world, we aim to solidify our position as a prominent source of capable and resilient graduates, thus contributing to the advancement of both individual careers and the global landscape.

Our Values

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Australian Institute of Higher Education and is responsible for the overall operations of the institute.

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Uphold integrity and adhere to sector regulations and our Code of Conduct.

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Treat people with respect and work collaboratively towards shared goals.

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Go Beyond

Go beyond good intentions and ideas to deliver outcomes.

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Strive for ongoing improvement through excellent service.

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Embrace accountability for pursuing knowledge, skills, and innovation.

At our core,
people & culture drive
us toward our vision.

We celebrate staff, student, and alumni contributions. Inspiring and empowering others is key. AIH’s pursuit of excellence is a strength, as is student success. Diversity matters.

Adaptable staff, collaboration, and trust shape our culture in a changing world.

Amid global competition, our unwavering commitment to excellence remains. Challenges are embraced with determination.


The Australian Institute of Higher Education (AIH) strives to nurture graduates who are prepared for the workforce, resilient, and equipped with an entrepreneurial spirit. AIH students will attain the following qualities, empowering them to be catalysts for change and meaningful impact within their local communities and society:


Effective communication with diverse audiences, both orally and in writing.

Team Work

The ability to liaise, cooperate, and work effectively with others.


The ability to conduct thorough, accurate, and targeted research.

Solve Problems

The ability to solve problems both creatively and in a structured way.


Understand and identify ethical problems and demonstrate ethical behaviour.


The ability to critically assess and evaluate different approaches to problems.


  • AIH provides great education and supportive mentors for international professional growth.


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  • The course balances theory and practice, preparing me for success. The Student Council enriches student life with diverse programs, creating a vibrant community.