AIH 4 intakes per year


Dear students and agent partners,

Effective immediately, AIH will be moving to 4 intakes per year. A formal market communication will be issued by Monday 24th April 2023. If you do not receive this notice please advise your AIH marketing representative so that we can update your contact details in our systems.

AIH will still deliver subjects in 4-week blocks (10 blocks per year), but we are reducing our course starting points to improve the overall student orientation and onboarding experience. For the remainder of 2023, applicants are encouraged to commence their course in the June, August, and October intakes. If your student holds an existing offer of admission for the July, September, or November starting dates, please simply reply to this to indicate the preferred new intake. If it is not possible for existing offerees to change intakes, the AIH will honour the proposed course start date and intake.

From 2024, only 4 intakes will be available each year – February, May, August, and October.

We thank you for your kind understanding and look forward to your confirmation.

AIH Executive Team