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Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime.

At the threshold of your educational adventure, the mantra is clear: Embark on Excellence. As you step onto this path, you are poised to begin a journey filled with discovery, growth, and transformation. It’s not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve and setting the bar high.

The first step is the most important, and it starts here, right now. Your dedication, hard work, and passion will be your guiding lights. This journey will challenge you, inspire you, and lead you to greatness.

Remember, excellence is not just a destination; it is a way of life. So, as you embark on this incredible journey, embrace the opportunities, overcome the obstacles, and strive for excellence in all you do. Your student journey begins now, and the path ahead is filled with endless possibilities. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime.

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I’m not sure if I’m an international or domestic student

You’re considered a domestic student if you’re:
an Australian or New Zealand citizen I an Australian permanent resident, or I a holder of a permanent Australian humanitarian visa.


To apply, please complete the Application Form by clicking the ‘APPLY NOW’ button above and return the requested documents under the ‘Checklist’ section in the form to AIH Admissions ( For further information, please visit AIH Student Admissions Policy and Procedure.

Latest News

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Key Dates

July 29

Orientation Week

2024 - Semester 2, Block 5

Aug 05

Start of Classes

2024 - Semester 2, Block 5

Aug 05

Last Date to Enrol

2024 - Semester 2, Block 5

Aug 07

Census Date

2024 - Semester 2, Block 5