Block Model

AIH Block Model


At AIH, our dedication to enhancing your learning experience has been unwavering.

In the past two years, we’ve worked hard to enhance our courses to better suit your needs for academic success. In 2023, we introduced the “Block Model,” where you’ll focus on one subject for four weeks instead of juggling multiple subjects. This approach allows for deeper understanding and better retention of knowledge. We’re excited to embark on this educational journey with you and see your academic growth.
Here is why the block model is amazing for your learning journey.

More Focus

The Block Model enhances focus by studying one subject at a time, reducing topic confusion.

Boosted Learning

Our research confirms that the 4-week block delivery model improves learning outcomes and grades.

Higher Motivation

Shorter blocks keep learning exciting! Focus all your energy on one subject at a time and avoid boredom.

Enhanced Performance

AIH students excel with higher grades and pass rates using the Block Model.

Engaging Learning

Industry-experienced and academically qualified lecturers and tutors, provide a real-world learning experience.

Block Study Plan

New Student Enrolment Schedule. AIH Academic Calendar 2023. AIH Academic Calendar 2024.

International Students

Our Block Model has frequent intakes, with just a 4-5 week waiting period for the next study block.

Better Experience

As on-campus socialising resumes, expect a stronger sense of community and an enriched student experience.

Study blocks required for first year.


* Refer to the AIH Academic Calendar for dates.



The updated calendar for your studies

At AIH we offer a flexible and structured Academic Calendar to provide you with the best learning experience. Our calendar is divided into 10 study blocks, each lasting 4 weeks. These blocks offer you the opportunity to delve deeply into your subjects, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the material.

Compulsory and optional study blocks

Out of the 10 study blocks, the first four (Blocks 1-4) and the subsequent four (Blocks 5-8) are compulsory study periods. These blocks are designed to cover essential topics and ensure a strong foundation in your chosen field. On the other hand, the winter and summer blocks are optional, allowing you to tailor your study plan based on your preferences and requirements.

Full-time study load

For those pursuing full-time studies, the minimum requirement is to complete 8 units in a year. This ensures a consistent and manageable workload that fosters in-depth learning and academic growth.

Intakes throughout the year

To accommodate various schedules and preferences, we offer four intakes per year in February, May, August, and October. This allows you to start your educational journey at a time that suits you best.

Time Table

Depending on your course, your timetable will be either:

2 x 4 hours x 4 weeks = 32 hours per unit of study, or 2 x 6 hours x 3 weeks = 36 hours PLUS presentations and assessments conducted in the 4th week. AIH Academic Calendar 2023. AIH Academic Calendar 2024.


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