Our campus provides various areas where students can learn, study, work together, and unwind in a friendly environment.

When you’re a student at AIH, you’ll have the privilege of utilising our comprehensive facilities, including the well-stocked library, state-of-the-art computer labs, convenient student kitchens, inviting lounges for relaxation, and versatile meeting rooms. We understand your software needs – whether it’s a free download or a subscription, we’ve got you covered. Your learning journey is our commitment, and we’re dedicated to enhancing your educational experience through these available resources.

Computer Laboratories

Computer labs offer essential software like MS Office, Internet browsers, and more. Printing is affordable and laptops can be borrowed with a small deposit.

Student Lounge & Kitchen

Student lounges offer relaxation, study, socialising, and eating, while kitchen areas have fridges and microwaves for your convenience.

Library & IT Services

AIH Library holds study resources and the librarian can assist you. Enjoy free Wi-Fi for your laptop, and our systems work well on mobile devices and tablets.


  • Studying Accounting at AIH, part-time Accounts Administrator in a Security Agency. AIH provides great education and supportive mentors for international professional growth.


    Accounts Administrator
  • The course balances theory and practice, preparing me for success. The Student Council enriches student life with diverse programs, creating a vibrant community.