Special Consideration Application Form

Special Consideration

Application Form

Students need to submit this special consideration application form (link provided below) if they were unable to attempt any assessments due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

Students applying for special consideration must submit this form along with complete supporting evidence within 3 working days of the due date of the assessment item or exam. Please note that we will take into account the following details when considering the special consideration application:-

Your performance in other assessment tasks in the unit;

– The history of your special consideration request;
– The severity of the event;
– Your academic standing in other units and in the course; and
– Your supporting evidence such as your Medical Impact Statement and medical certificates

Important Note: The application may be rejected if submitted without supporting documentation. If the supporting documentation is in a language other than English, you must supply copies of the original language document/s and a complete English translation of the original language document/s.

Students will be advised of the outcome within five (5) working days.


If you are applying on medical grounds, please click here..
If you are applying on any other grounds, please click here.

For further information please refer to the Student Assessment Policy and associated Procedure available on the Australian Institute of Higher Education website: www.aih.edu.au


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