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Experience Australia:
Transport in Sydney.


Trains / Metro / Light Rails

Sydney has several train lines that cover the greater Sydney suburban area. You can catch a train from Central that heads north, south, east and west from Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD). Check out the Network Map to see if there is a train station near you. Trains run from 4 a.m. to around midnight on most train lines. For further details, visit the Transport Sydney Trains website.


Sydney Buses operate throughout the city and cover most parts of Sydney and its outer suburbs, almost 24 hours a day. Wait times range between 5-15 minutes at popular bus stops. There are also express buses which may be indicated by an L or X in their route number. Check with the bus driver before you hop on as these buses do not stop at every stop. Use the Trip Planner to plan your trip.


Travelling on a ferry in Sydney is a relaxing experience with beautiful views and scenery. Hop on a ferry at the terminal in Circular Quay and travel to popular destinations such as Taronga Zoo and Neutral Bay. To plan your trip and access timetables, use the Ferry Trip Planner.


To use public transport in Sydney, get an Opal card from newsagents, Circular Quay, or train stations. Tap on and off for journeys to avoid extra charges. Use the Opal Travel App for expense tracking, fare estimates, trip planning, and service alerts.

Taxi / Cabs

Taxis/Cabs can be hailed from the kerb on the street or at designated areas where you will have to line up to get a taxi or you may choose to book online or dial a cab:

Silver Service – 13 31 00
Yellow Cabs13 19 24
Legion Cabs13 14 51

Visit the Transport Info website to view information on fares and charges, feedback and complaints and lost property.


Uber is used widely in many countries. It’s available 24/7 and you get to choose your ride and set your location by signing up online and installing the Uber app on your mobile phone. You will also obtain a fare estimate when you have selected your pick-up and drop-off destinations.


To minimise your expenditure on public transport, you may choose to ride a bike. There are designated bike lanes and tracks around Sydney to keep you safe. To obtain a map of Sydney bike lanes, visit the Sydney Cycleways website.

Just remember, when cycling in Australia, it is illegal to cycle without a helmet. You must also have bells and a light on your bicycle if you plan to cycle at night.


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