Embrace the future with Hybryd-1.


We are changing how we deliver to prepare you for a changing world – introducing our new hybrid delivery model, Hybrid-1.

As we strive to deliver exceptional courses and even better experiences for students, we are once again reinventing our teaching and learning with Hybrid-1.

Focused on maximising flexibility and freedom, this innovative model offers students a student experience that is no longer limited to the classroom.

Starting in Block 5 intake (August 2024), Hybrid-1 blends face-to-face and online course delivery, and combined with our block delivery model, means you are only required to be on-campus one day per week.

hybrid working_hr

Preparing you to step into a future of hybrid working with confidence

More freedom and flexibility for a richer international student experience

Sophisticated technology and smart course design to offer you a one-day on-campus timetable


A blend of online and face-to-face learning for a comprehensive education

We’ve listened - More flexibility for a richer international student experience

Our students have spoken. They want greater flexibility in course delivery to enjoy a more immersive study-abroad journey.

Hybrid-1 uses sophisticated technology and smart course design to offer you a one-day on-campus timetable, with continued outstanding academic rigour and learning outcomes at the heart of our courses.

We’ve adapted - Preparing you for a changing employment landscape.

The employment landscape is shifting, with over 70% of employees globally now preferring Hybrid working arrangements*.

In 2024, the Computer and IT sector leads as the top industry for remote work*; with Accounting, Finance and Project Management all featuring in the top 5 industries.

We’ve redesigned our delivery to mirror these changes and prepare you to step into this new hybrid workplace with confidence.

*Forbes – Remote Work Statistics and Trends in 2024, Jun 12, 2023

On campus and online

Each unit you study will combine one day of study on-campus classes with additional content integrated and streamed online.

Interactive and engaging

Our online delivery coupled with classes and support workshops on-campus, are interactive and engaging. It’s a holistic approach that enriches your learning experience whilst catering to your individual needs.

Flexible and convenient

Lectures will be streamed live and recorded so you can conveniently access course materials at your own pace and from anywhere.

Seamless and accessible

Hybrid-1 integrates advanced technologies to deliver seamless online experience, interactive content, and accessible digital resources; all at your fingertips.


  • AIH provides great education and supportive mentors for international professional growth.


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