Welcome Event for Students at Melbourne Campus

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In a delightful initiative that combined sweetness with support, Rizwan Sharif, the Academic Success Officer at the Melbourne campus, welcomed students with free cupcakes on June 3 and 4.

Set up at the reception, Rizwan warmly greeted students, offering them not just cupcakes but also valuable information about the team’s services. The festive atmosphere created a buzz around the campus, encouraging students to engage more deeply with the resources available to them.

Students were curious to learn more about how the Academic Success Team could support their educational journey. As they collected their cupcakes, Rizwan explained the team’s role in assisting with assignments, CV preparation, and other academic challenges.

The event was a success, with students expressing their appreciation for the thoughtful gesture and our dedication to their academic success and wellbeing. Many students indicated they were now more inclined to attend workshops regularly and seek help from the Academic Success Team.

This initiative not only sweetened the day for students but also highlighted our commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching academic environment.