Congratulations, Master of Business Information System Students!

AIH’s Master of Business Information System (MBIS) team of students who participated in the MBIS5015 Capstone Project unit in 2022 had the very first Student Conference Publication with the paper “Skin Disease Detection as Unsupervised-Classification with Autoencoder and Experience-Based Augmented Intelligence (AI),” Kushal Pokhrel, Suman Giri, Sudip Karki, and Cesar Sanin.
Congratulations to all the authors for this remarkable inaugural achievement.
Here is the abstract for those who’d like to know more.


In this paper, we propose an Artificial Neural Network using an auto-encoder trained with fewer images but increases accuracy based on experience Augmented Intelligence. Most neural network systems use a large number of training sets to achieve a well-performing model and spend great efforts on pre-processing and training times to create a static model. In our case, we propose a system that uses just 4% images per class training set compared to most models and learns with each iteration of being used, interacting with the user, and acquiring experience to increase the accuracy. The average accuracy rate is increased at a 1.33% rate per every 20 user experiences. The proposed model offers advantages in creating dynamic experience-based augmented intelligence models.

Congratulations to Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam!!

AIH Senior Lecturer, Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam and his co-authors have been awarded the Best Paper Award at the 27th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV 2023), hosted by Tampere University, Finland for their research paper “SIDVis: Designing Visual Interactive System for Analyzing Suicide Ideation Detection”.

Congratulations Rafiqul on such a wonderful achievement!

Here is the abstract for those who’d like to know more –


Suicide is a critical global issue that demands a comprehensive examination of factors such as mental illness, substance abuse, financial stress, and trauma. Effectively identifying individuals at risk is vital for intervention and prevention efforts. However, distinguishing suicidal ideation (SID) from non-suicidal language poses challenges. Existing research has addressed this issue, but limited attention has been given to visually interpretable and interactive systems tailored for SID.

This study contributes to responsible AI by leveraging deep learning and machine learning techniques to enhance SID detection, enabling proactive interventions and support. In this paper, we introduce SIDVis, an interactive visualisation system that improves performance and interpretability at the same time.

The rigorous evaluation demonstrates that SIDVis not only outperforms existing methods in terms of accuracy but also provides an explanation for the responsible use of the underlying AI approach, demonstrating its potential to improve SID detection and intervention strategies.

AIH will be moving to 4 intakes per year

Dear students and agent partners,

Effective immediately, AIH will be moving to 4 intakes per year. A formal market communication will be issued by Monday 24th April 2023. If you do not receive this notice please advise your AIH marketing representative so that we can update your contact details in our systems.

AIH will still deliver subjects in 4-week blocks (10 blocks per year), but we are reducing our course starting points to improve the overall student orientation and onboarding experience. For the remainder of 2023, applicants are encouraged to commence their course in the June, August, and October intakes. If your student holds an existing offer of admission for the July, September, or November starting dates, please simply reply to this to indicate the preferred new intake. If it is not possible for existing offerees to change intakes, the AIH will honour the proposed course start date and intake.

From 2024, only 4 intakes will be available each year – February, May, August, and October.

We thank you for your kind understanding and look forward to your confirmation.

AIH Executive Team

Nepal Festival Melbourne 2022: A Special Festival to Celebrate Nepal’s Cultural and Historical Heritage

This year’s Nepal Festival took place on Saturday, 10th September 2022 at Federation Square with the theme of “Celebrating Culture, Embracing Diversity”. As part of AIH’s commitment to supporting the communities, we joined hands with the Non-Resident Nepalese Association of Victoria in their efforts to promote Nepalese culture, cuisine and music as a platinum partner of the event.

AIH participated in this festival by setting up a stall to present information on various course options that are available for International Students and upcoming courses. AIH’s GIF Photo booth was a major attraction of the event. Everyone had an absolute blast using the props and taking unlimited photos and boomerangs. The guests were provided instantly printed photo strips to take home. Coralie Morrissey, AIH’s CEO, and business development team members Rishi Ranjan and Indra Adhikari attended the event.

The festival showcased the culture and activities of the people of Nepal. The event offered a unique opportunity for Melburnians to experience the vibrant colours and rich flavours of one of Asia’s most spectacular countries. The event witnessed an overwhelming response from the community and was a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about the culture, food as well as music of Nepal.

AIH students runners up in Global Challenge!

The Global Management Challenge is an international competition represented by more than 30 countries. This competition is based on business simulations with the objective of obtaining the highest investment performance. University students, among others, participate in this challenge.

AIH is proud to announce that our team, AIHE1, came a close third in the Global Management Challenge Project (2020 Australian Winners). Members of the team include Anjana Dhungana (Team Leader), Leewan Belle Morones, Charlene Christine Servandil and Arafat Anik. Team participants gain knowledge while enhancing their problem solving and data analytical skills. Congratulations to all involved.

Adaptive Web-based System for Learning Python Programming Language

AIH is proud to present Web-based educational system for learning Python programming. All students who are enrolled in the unit Foundations of programming can use the adaptive Web-based system designed by the University of Pittsburgh. It supports open learner modelling and different types of learning content. It tracks student activity and provides recommendations and feedback to the student.

In this research project, we plan to analyse data obtained from applying the adaptive platform that provides access to different types of learning resources including problems, quizzes, examples, reading material, visualisations, and simulations. A wide range of adaptative technologies (including adaptive navigation, intelligent tutoring, adaptive recommendation, etc.) is integrated to support personalised learning.

Learner behaviour in the system will be observed. All the actions made, problems solved, and visited animated examples will be analysed. By analysing the students’ interactions with the system, we will be able to understand their interests, intentions, goals, and knowledge level. The study will contribute to a better understanding of how weekly practice with the system during the course correlated with encouraging effect on engagement and efficiency, helping students to complete more practice content faster, and easier.

We expect higher learning gain by encouraging students to use the additional educational resources provided through the system and improving students’ learning experience.

From the studies conducted at Pittsburgh, USA, and Novi Sad, Serbia, significant parameters were extracted and they will be compared to the study being performed at our institution, AIH, Sydney.

AIH Students in Global Management Challenge Project

AIH is proud to present 4 students who are part of a team that represents the Global Management Challenge Project. The Global Management Challenge is an international Competition represented by more than 30 countries. Many of the participants are young students that major in economics, management and engineering among other disciplines.  The Strategy consists of a simulation that runs a company with the aim of achieving the highest Investment Performance. The competitors are given the opportunity to analyse the Financial and Economic indicators of a company. This leads to a understanding of market conditions and customer satisfaction. It further enhances the skills that encourage and develop teamwork. More details about the Global Management Challenge can be found on the website (

The challenge began on the 1st September 2020 and will conclude at the end of the month.



CPA Presentation

On 1st September 2020, Kim Hwang FCPA International Business Development Manager CPA Australia was graceful to accept an invitation from AIH to do a presentation for students. During her presentation, she discussed the importance of communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills among others. Her presentation was engaging and informative. She explored different options and pathways students can pursue after graduation. A big thanks to Kim and all students who attended the session. Looking forward to your involvement in future industry events!

AIH Update on Coronavirus Management Plan

The safety and wellbeing of all our students is a priority.

The Australian Institute of Higher Education is following advice from the Federal Government and NSW Department of Health.

Any students who have travelled to China should follow the advice of the Chinese Government and avoid travel if they are ill. We will support them if they are unable to travel to Sydney in time for the start of T1, 2020.

We advise staff and students to avoid travelling to the Hubei province until further notice.

On campus, students or staff who are feeling unwell are being advised to phone a general practitioner or their local hospital for information.

We also remind staff and students to follow the basic hygiene advice below to stay healthy:

  • Using soap or alcohol-based hand wash frequently and washing hands for at least 20 seconds each time;
  • Covering their mouth or nose if sneezing or coughing with a flexed elbow and disposing of tissues immediately;
  • Avoiding contact with anyone who is unwell, including avoiding areas where there are people sneezing
  • Not attending study or work if they’re unwell.

For more frequently asked questions, please visit NSW Health.