Nepal Festival Melbourne 2022: A Special Festival to Celebrate Nepal’s Cultural and Historical Heritage

This year’s Nepal Festival took place on Saturday, 10th September 2022 at Federation Square with the theme of “Celebrating Culture, Embracing Diversity”. As part of AIH’s commitment to supporting the communities, we joined hands with the Non-Resident Nepalese Association of Victoria in their efforts to promote Nepalese culture, cuisine and music as a platinum partner of the event.

AIH participated in this festival by setting up a stall to present information on various course options that are available for International Students and upcoming courses. AIH’s GIF Photo booth was a major attraction of the event. Everyone had an absolute blast using the props and taking unlimited photos and boomerangs. The guests were provided instantly printed photo strips to take home. Coralie Morrissey, AIH’s CEO, and business development team members Rishi Ranjan and Indra Adhikari attended the event.

The festival showcased the culture and activities of the people of Nepal. The event offered a unique opportunity for Melburnians to experience the vibrant colours and rich flavours of one of Asia’s most spectacular countries. The event witnessed an overwhelming response from the community and was a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about the culture, food as well as music of Nepal.

AIH students runners up in Global Challenge!

The Global Management Challenge is an international competition represented by more than 30 countries. This competition is based on business simulations with the objective of obtaining the highest investment performance. University students, among others, participate in this challenge.

AIH is proud to announce that our team, AIHE1, came a close third in the Global Management Challenge Project (2020 Australian Winners). Members of the team include Anjana Dhungana (Team Leader), Leewan Belle Morones, Charlene Christine Servandil and Arafat Anik. Team participants gain knowledge while enhancing their problem solving and data analytical skills. Congratulations to all involved.

AIH Students in Global Management Challenge Project

AIH is proud to present 4 students who are part of a team that represents the Global Management Challenge Project. The Global Management Challenge is an international Competition represented by more than 30 countries. Many of the participants are young students that major in economics, management and engineering among other disciplines.  The Strategy consists of a simulation that runs a company with the aim of achieving the highest Investment Performance. The competitors are given the opportunity to analyse the Financial and Economic indicators of a company. This leads to a understanding of market conditions and customer satisfaction. It further enhances the skills that encourage and develop teamwork. More details about the Global Management Challenge can be found on the website (

The challenge began on the 1st September 2020 and will conclude at the end of the month.



CPA Presentation

On 1st September 2020, Kim Hwang FCPA International Business Development Manager CPA Australia was graceful to accept an invitation from AIH to do a presentation for students. During her presentation, she discussed the importance of communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills among others. Her presentation was engaging and informative. She explored different options and pathways students can pursue after graduation. A big thanks to Kim and all students who attended the session. Looking forward to your involvement in future industry events!

AIH First Alumni Event

AIH hosted our first Alumni event on 21 November at the Sanctuary Hotel. The event was an opportunity for alumni to reconnect with old classmates and learn about the importance of networking and creating a Personal Brand. We welcomed our guest speaker Andrew Mills, who shared his insight and personal experience gained throughout his extensive career in various business sectors. Following Andrew’s talk, attendees were invited to ask any questions they had for him. We concluded the evening with a relaxed atmosphere, giving alumni and staff the opportunity to network and catch up while enjoying a couple of drinks with food provided. We would like to thank everyone involved for making our first Alumni Event a success and a reminder to stay connected as we look forward to seeing you at similar events we will be hosting in the future!

Halloween Party

The theme ‘Do you dare to Scare?‘ engaged our AIH students who had great fun exploring all activities. The event was held at the student’s cafeteria draped with a spooky ambience and groovy music. Our students enthusiastically participated in activities including Pumpkin Carving, Face painting, and a Live Photo Booth along with light snacks. The event was attended by many students and it was a great stress buster for our students, right before their final exams in November 1st week of 2017.

Check out our AIH Facebook page to see more photos from the Halloween Event!

Amazing Race

AIH Students competed in our very own Amazing Race -AIH Edition in Sydney’s CBD and Hyde Park area. We were blessed with blue skies and a very warm Spring afternoon to explore beautiful Sydney. The event provided students with the opportunity to make new friends, interact and relieve some stress during our Mid-term Examination period.

Participating students were split up into teams of 3 and 4 and given a Race Packet which included challenges such as taking a Selfie with as many strangers as you can find, taking the most creative team photo, finding an Australian to sing the Australian National Anthem with, and building a Famous Tower or Building out of materials found in their Race Packet. Photos and videos were taken by teams to document their progress.

Our winning team completed their challenges in just over an hour and raced, very out of breath, to the finish line!  After the race, we hung out and got to know each other a little bit better over a picnic. Check out our AIH Facebook page to see more photos and videos from the Amazing Race!


We asked the students, we listened to their suggestions & we actioned! That’s how AIH Karaoke session came about. Students had a wonderful time in one of the most popular Karaoke centres in Sydney CBD, Lantern by Wagaya. There was dancing, singing and an exchanged of melodies from different countries/culture. To commemorate our happy time together, we took photos and recorded videos.
A student in her 4th semester at AIH commented that she could feel and see the tremendous efforts made by AIH to provide an enriching and balanced study environment for students.

International Food Festival

Food, music & a group of students from different nationalities coming together! The International Food Festival was organised to support students by encouraging and building upon the sense of community that exists within AIH. Students participated by representing their own country, bringing their own home-made food in a little Master-Chef like competition, where the winner was awarded a prize by our very own Executive Dean.

Food from the Philippines, Thailand, Korea, India, Italy, China and our very own Australia were on displayed during the event and the students were more than happy to mingle with one another over the food shared. Students who were unable to provide meals themselves, were seen supporting their friends and also attempted Giant Jenga! Overall, it was a fun day where staff and student alike were able to get to know one another.